Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Light at the End of the Tunnel May be a Motorcycle Coming at you Head-On

In about 12 hours the checkpoint window will open for the finish of Butt
Lite 6IX, and 12 hours after that the beautiful, heavy, fragile trophies
will be in the hands of the 10 top long-distance riders of 2012, who
will be trying to figure out (a) how the hell to get this thing home in
one piece and (b) what the hell have I got myself into in next year's
Iron Butt Rally?

In the meantime, the riders have a hard 12 hours ahead. For some, it
will be the hardest 12 hours of their riding careers. The big finish
that nobody believes can be done is a Butt Lite tradition, going all the
way back to 1999 when Eric Jewell rode past Minneapolis to Fargo and
back to win Butt Lite I. We know there are potential monster finishing
rides out there in this rally. We know at least one rider has been to
both coasts of the U.S. We've been informed of riders roaming the
Canadian north woods, the mountains of New Mexico, and the urban
wastelands of Detroit.

Anyway, leg 2 is *much* easier than leg 1 - the riders only had 138
bonuses to choose from on this leg, down from the 140 of leg 1. And some
of the bonuses on this leg are really easy, such as:

4) Anywhere, CN 24 hours CANA 5 points

Get a gas receipt from Canada. Must be imprinted with the city and

Canada is the large country mostly to the north of the United States.
GPS: 53.51975, -113.60843

Can't miss it.

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  1. "Get a gas receipt from Canada. Must be imprinted with the city and province."

    From what I remember...that's a tough task for a few folks from groups like the Minnesota Wrecking Crew. I wonder if any of the present riders have tenuous relationships and entry privileges to our latitude enhanced neighbor to the north? ;)

    Watching anxiously the last 12 hours wishing I was riding!

    Matt W.