Monday, August 20, 2012

Semi-Final Thoughts & Observations

Frankly, i didn't know exactly what to expect when i got voluntold to help Lisa with the Buttlite.  I've been part of the Buttlite since number III- the one at the Live Oak Resort.  Being cooped up in a van with 4 other people for long periods of time was not on my personal bucket list.
I suspected our four personalities would clash sometimes [they did], and we'd be as happy as clams [we were]; we'd eat well, have some pie and good laughs at our own misfortunes.  in the end, it all came together- riders were happy [as opposed to David's "and you will be sad" speech], everyone is safe and accounted for, and there is already chatter about a Buttlite IIIIIII. 
As for the riders- i expected a lot of them;I always do.  Riders are only competing against themselves and success is measured by the width of their smile, the grip of a handshake and not some hunk of crystal.  I tried to be witty and pithy sometimes; didn't work always but there is one rider who I must apologize to for my "three reasons" repartee.  I am sorry; it was meant to be witty and in retrospect it was stupid.  I never like "wrong answers" and this one was rather egregious.  I vow never to repeat that mistake.  So please accept my apology.
But my hat goes off to John Pedrow- i wish every rally I had a part in  had a John Pedrow on staff.  Tireless and efficient, without ever asking for a "thanks".   So "thanks John"- you made the whole experience smoother than you could have ever imagined.
To the rest of ya, thanks for the laughs and the new memories; I enjoyed nearly every minute of it.
Rick, former back seat Rallymaster.

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