Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rest Bonus Blues

now  it's rest bonus receipts. early on, let's call him Rider HD, called in shortly after 3 am to ask what are his options for a rest bonus receipt that said it was 2:52 when it was really 3:01!
honest, Rider HD seemed quite upset about this.  "what should I do about this; should I get the clerk to initial the correct time?
really?  didnt we cover this ad naseum i thought

oh it's gonna be a long night

"what do you think you should do?
"get a receipt from someplace else with the correct time?
"or just wait another 5 minutes" I thought to myself.

fast forward about 90 minutes
"hi, this is rider ##, and I'm in Podunk, MI [his words] on my way to  Detroit.  my starting rest bonus receipt was at (insert some specific time and date here.  hey it was 5 am don't judge).  my ending receipt was at (insert another time and date) and the credit card transaction was approved at (a different time) and I'm concerned about using a motel receipt for the rest bonus since the IBR discourages motel use. 
(for the record, the IBR does not discourage motel use. I think the rider was confusing the briefing at the IBR where there is a discussion on most motel receipts are crap).  any way, I asked if he had two receipts from the same town at least the length of the rest bonus and he replied yes. 
 you're good then     
i went to the hotel lobby looking for coffee- i was already awake anyway

Rick back seat rally master

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  1. So a rider should rest before or when he/she is getting a little "dingy". And you are surprised because they ask a "dingy" question?