Thursday, August 9, 2012

The First Official Day

Posted by Lisa:

The Lodge At Copperhead, Blairsville,  GA

A little less than half of the riders took advantage of early check-in on Wednesday.  Other than the typical uh-oh with Rally Staff getting the process down (ok, me..) things went very smoothly.  A couple of questionable fuel cell setups that were quickly remedied, a call to an insurance agent - that kind of stuff - and all the riders got through tech inspection just fine.

One of our Australian friends is having a bit of trouble navigating the vehicle registration process that we have here in Georgia so he may be the last to arrive in Blairsville.  But he sounds just so cheery each time I talk to him that I think he's going to manage all this red tape and be fine to start - on a rented bike rather than the one he went to so much trouble to buy.  Oh well, adaptability is a key in this game.  Peter seems to have loads of it - good on him.

Last night we gathered in the bar.  Ate great food, consumed a few adult beverages and told stories.  Just as it should be.

This morning is cool and lovely in the mountains.  Registration for the rest of the group starts in about an hour.  It should be a busy day. 

Tonight they finally find out where they will be going over the next several days.  And the real fun begins.


  1. If you could give us some pictures that would be awesome !

    Thanks for the updates ...

  2. Good luck Peter and Ian (and everyone else). Many eyes watching and dreaming.
    Thanks for the updates Lisa.


  3. Have fun Tabledrain and OX-34. Great to see you both over there and getting in to it.
    We hope you both have a great rally experience.
    Cheers from
    Clint, Charleen on behalf of all the FarRiders

  4. Good luck and ride safe everyone!....c'mon Peter Behm!!!!!!