Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nahum Sloan is the first finisher of Butt Lite 6IX

more results to follow


  1. Not sure how else to contact you folks but let's get those prayers rolling for Derek D. He was having a great ride up to this point.

    Here's a link to the local newspaper story.

    Everyone ride safe please.

    Godspeed, D. Get home soon.

    1. What? Geez! What about Derek D.? I'm comncerned.

      W F mcCann
      Roswell, GA

  2. Starting to think Derek is just after press.

  3. Congratulations NAHUM SLOAN. But how can a bloke in "straits" in Roma,1968,get to be the 1st finisher in 2012 Butt Lite? Ask an Aussie...we have been mates ever since then. Tis a small world, but please enjoy it safely.

    Enjoy the glory, Nahum.

    Us & The GUS Chapman, Warners Bay, Australia